Founded in 2018, Basildon Pride celebrates diversity and equality throughout the borough.

Run by a committee of dedicated volunteers, Basildon Pride aims to spread awareness of the LGBTQ+ community and lend a helping hand to other local causes.

In 2019, Basildon Pride saw over 4500 people attend the festival at Gloucester Park, and were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and support from the local community.

Are you ready to join in the fun?

As part of our Christmas Cracker celebration, we’re helping out a child that has been in-and-out of hospital and their family to make this Christmas magical! If you have any decorations you no longer use and would like to donate, please send us a message!

To commemorate #WorldsAIDSDay on the 1st December 2020, we’ll be having an exclusive Q&A session with a member of @THTorguk to answer your questions about HIV, AIDS and sexual health.

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